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I began facilitating circus workshops in 2018 at an SEN camp, and then continued looking at the skills involved in equipment-based circus. However, in 2021 I was involved in a project which really opened my eyes to how circus could be taught, and the effect it could have on young people and communities. This led to me getting DYCP Arts Council funding to explore an accessible contemporary circus practice with a focus on storytelling. I have since choreographed circus routines for performance, co-created circus performances with young people, performed as a jester and ran many workshops. I am available for a wide range of bespoke circus workshops and projects.

I graduated with a first-class degree in English Literature and Creative Writing, and have since done various writing commissions (primarily prose and script writing). I have run writing workshops for Multistory, Aston Hall and Northfield Arts Forum, and I have also run a Writing Community through Windswept for the past two years. Writing is one clear approach to storytelling. However, I also enjoy incorporating theatre, movement and music to storytelling, as well as looking at telling aural stories. My exploration of storytelling often includes looking at existing stories such as Shakespeare, contemporary fiction, and YA fiction.

Co-creation is a key element of my facilitation and workshop style, and I often lead programmes centred around youth voice. Giving participants autonomy over what they create develops individuals confidence, self-expression, creativity and understanding. I believe it is important to be honest and encouraging with participants and allow them to take the reins on their creative development, as it is something they are not often able to do in life. People care deeply about a variety of subjects and allowing them freedom of exploration shows them the power of their perspective.

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