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I'm Gaby.

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I am a freelance arts facilitator, writer, producer and storyteller.

For the past three years I have been involved in a wonderful variety of work, spanning from youth voice to climate justice, from circus workshops to events management.


I take pride in my organisation skills and professional approach to my work, as well as my creativity, idea generation and artistic identity. I often explore topics to do with race, identity and heritage through a multidisciplinary storytelling style and facilitation approach. My stories centre around human experience with a focus on empathy and self-exploration. These stories could be personal, fragments of memories, topics close to the heart, or purely entertaining with comedic prose and fantastical creatures.


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“Gaby was a pleasure to work with, both in terms of her professional skills and her friendly and approachable nature. She was easy to communicate with and understood exactly what we were looking to achieve with the workshops. As a result, she was able to provide us with a tailored workshop package that met our specific needs and exceeded our expectations.”

“A natural leader, she was organised and well prepared for each meeting, galvanising a sense of comradery amongst the participants, a key component of the project’s success. She is a talented writer and creative, expertly crafting a narrative from co-curated material ensuring all ideas were heard and included.”

Lynsey Rutter, Birmingham Museums Trust

Zoe Lake Thomas, London Transport Museum

“Gaby was fantastic to work with, quickly getting to grips with the brief for the work and producing clear drafts for review in a timely way, communicating ideas to me clearly and professionally, responding effectively to feedback. Gaby is a confident facilitator who devised engaging ways of delivering detailed content to the group over zoom.”


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