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Writing portfolio

To date, I have done 4 writing commissions. To find out more about each of them, scroll down!





In January 2022 I was commissioned by the organisation C&T to make a digital resource for their software Prospero. I decided to make a story called ‘Faraway’.


‘Faraway’ is an interactive, multimedia fantasy adventure story looking at the topic of intersectionality in an easy and accessible way. It's full of fun challenges that help build empathy and communication skills within your group/classroom, and has theatre, dance and storytelling activities as well as games!


Follow Fernanda through bogs and deserts, forests and waterfalls, mountains and a tiny village, to help her find her gems. She will explore her culture and identity as she goes, and learn that her differences make her special.


After playing Faraway there are conversation questions in the teachers’ pack, and a pdf to print out so the group can design their own golden plates!


Age: Faraway was made for KS2 students (7-11years old), but can be played by anyone!

Group Size: 3+ participants

Resources Needed: You don’t need anything to play Faraway! However, it is advised to read the teachers pack before playing the smartscript.

Running Time: 20-40minutes

To watch Faraway, follow this link: Faraway - Prospero


Let's Walk Worcestershire

In 2023 I worked on a new commission for C&T called 'Let's Walk Worcestershire'. It was a National Lottery Heritage Fund project in partnership with the Monday Night Club.

The Monday Night Club is a group for neurodiverse adults in Worcester. It is a social group that meets every Monday, often with activities and always with a bar. The group is always open to new members!

The commission was to create an audio experience, using a digital software called Prospero, that the members of Monday Night Club would enjoy and use. You listen to the audios while going to specific walks. The walks are in Worcester by the River Sever, Droitwich around Lido Park and the canal, and the Malvern Hills around the beacon. There are four types of walks to choose from:

1) Nature Walk

2) Historical Walk

3) Mindfulness Walk

4) Story Walk

For this commission, I consulted with the group, researched content, wrote the scripts, recorded the scripts, edited the audios, and uploaded them onto the software. There are twenty scripts in total!

To have a listen, go to the Prospero Library and search for Let's Walk Worcestershire:

Balloon Fernanda NH Oot.png
Forest Fernanda H Alfonso Day.png
Mountain Fernanda H Grandma Night.png
Let's Walk Worcestershire logo.png
Recording Day 3.jpg

Meet me at Aston Hall

In November 2021, I was commissioned by Birmingham Museums Trust to be the storyteller for a project at Aston Hall. This involved working with a group of community producers to produce an audio resource or film around the site. I ran storytelling workshops with this group, and they came to the decision to make a creative audio tour about ghosts, and a short documentary style video about the project.


Then I took their ideas and shaped them into a story, and ran some open community consultation to add to the project. I worked with the group to make sure the story was what they envisioned. I then turned it into a script, hired voice actors, and produced the project with the BMT team, an AV team, our voice actors and our community producers.


The project was fantastic! Writing a site-specific script was very exciting. To listen to it follow this link: Meet Me at Aston Hall - Track 1 in Meet Me at Aston Hall - Audio Tour (


To visit Aston Hall to listen and engage, then follow this link: Aston Hall | Birmingham Museums


To watch the short video about the project: (1258) Meet Me at Aston Hall: Creating the Audio Guide - YouTube


My Lockdown

In March 2021, I was commissioned by Beatfreeks to write a piece about my experience of lockdown. I wrote a prose poem that can be watched below:



Selly Manor

Phyllis's Letters

In 2021 I was commissioned by Selly Manor to write a creative audio tour around the building. I found that Phyllis was one of the more striking individuals from the history of ‘Selly Manor’. She seems to have more detail about her life then most of the individuals who lived there, as well as a small scandal and multiple marriages. 


I wrote an audio tour, framed as a series of diary entries, that were written in the rooms the listener steps into. For example, in the dining room you will hear Phyllis write a letter as she sits by the fire. Each letter is written at a different point in her life and revolves around a different event. The letters all come together to tell the story of a strong woman who lived an exciting and complicated life. 


To visit Selly Manor and engage with the story, follow the link to their website here: Selly Manor | Welcome to Selly Manor (


In addition to this commission, I also wrote a Halloween story trail for children, a murder mystery play, and the start of a murder mystery blog.

Bournville Audio Tour

In August 2023, I was commissioned by Selly Manor to write a Bournville Heritage Tour for heritage week that September. It was a project in consultation with a steering group that were connected to the local area. 

The audio tour went to different sites around Bournville, and at each one you would listen to the story of a different person connected to the area. 

As part of this commission, I wrote one monologue and one duologue, and Erin Gilbey wrote three monologues.  I then recorded with the actors and edited the audio together for use.

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