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Facilitating portfolio

I facilitate in the majority of the projects that I do, however these are some of the projects that were mostly comprised of group facilitation.

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The Play House

I am an associate artist with The Play House, and have been engaged in two projects so far.


New Histories


I worked with a group of year 5’s and year 7’s for two months to co-create an audio project. They explored themes of friendship, home, family and community through many different arts forms. They then wrote their own stories and recorded them.


Civic Histories


I did a co-creation project with a group of primary school children over the course of five days. They created a show, using theatre and circus, around a local piece of history called Happy Valley. The performance was amazing, and an absolute credit to their hard work!

To see more work from The Play House, follow this link: Theatre In Education | The Play House | Birmingham


Northfield Arts Forum

I worked with Northfield Arts Forum from July 2020 to September 2021, and occasionally still work with them running workshops. 


I started off by making arts packs for them during the pandemic, and then moved onto running writing courses, hosting events, and eventually being a part of their NAF cafe. 

To find out more about NAF, follow this link:



LouDeemy was one of my first freelance jobs, and continues to be an absolutely fabulous organisation to work with!

Puppetry Programme


I worked with LouDeemy on a puppetry programme with young carers. We ran a series of online workshops creating puppets and stories with the young people. This developed their creativity, self-confidence and self-expression.


Aspergers Heroes


This project looked at creating a film with the group Aspergers Heroes. Over a series of months, the group worked on whatever arts skills they felt passionately about. All these pieces of art then got compiled into a video.


Let’s Create


I have worked with LouDeemy’s Let’s Create group multiple times running workshops. These workshops have looked at puppetry and accessible circus and storytelling.

To find our more about LouDeemy, follow this link: LouDeemY Productions


Severn Arts

The Forge

In 2023 I worked with Severn Arts on a six month project in Bromsgrove called the Forge. I went into a secondary school every other Monday, and we worked on different arts disciplines of their choosing. Over the twelve sessions we brought in guests to do photography, podcasts, theatre, music, graffiti and animation.

Pitch Up

In June 2023, I was a mentor on the Pitch Up project led by Severn Arts in collaboration with a college in Worcester. I worked with the visual arts students to come up with an idea for a project they would like to actualize around a given theme. Six groups worked on their pitches and then presented them to judges. The winning groups got money to then create and deliver these projects in a small public exhibit the following week.


Solihull Cep

My Heritage, My Place, My Home

I worked with three primary schools in Solihull, running five days in each school. I worked with children between the ages of six and eleven exploring themes of identity, heritage and home. It was a fairly open project, and you could use any medium to explore with the children (there were many schools and artists involved). I decided to explore the topics through conversations and storytelling and then give them a taste of performing arts and visual arts. However, I wanted them to have autonomy to the project, so during the third session the children idea generated to come up with a project around the themes.

School 1 decided to explore identity through designing identity packs for dragons, and then creating dragon puppets. They ended the project with a puppet show.

School 2 decided to a show around community using circus skills. We ended the project by inviting in parents and performing to them. I ended the show by leading a circus workshop for the kids with their parents.

School 3 decided to create a design their own community and then create cardboard town for it. They sculpted and then painted it. We finished by sitting round their town and talking about the community.

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