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Co-creation workshops

Workshops in which I work collaboratively with artists, communities and young people to develop artistically and produce high-quality outputs.

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Co-creation is a key element of my facilitation and workshop style, and I often lead programmes centred around youth voice. Giving participants autonomy over what they create develops individuals confidence, self-expression, creativity and understanding. I believe it is important to be honest and encouraging with participants and allow them to take the reins on their creative development, as it is something they are not often able to do in life. People care deeply about a variety of subjects and allowing them freedom of exploration shows them the power of their perspective.


I work with organisations to create youth voice programmes and co-creation initiatives. Beneath are some examples of workshops I can offer:

Youth Voice

Work with primary or secondary aged young people to explore an artform of their choice, or create a project using a certain medium. This could be theatre, film, podcasts, crafts, music…

Career Development

Talk honestly and openly with anyone considering a freelance or artistic career. This can be a one-off workshop or a series of workshops. This would practically involve personal exploration, and creating projects based on individuals interests.

Community co-creation

Working with a community group to design or create a project of their choice. This can involved community consultation, or more direct creative work.

Previous Projects

Examples of previous co-creation projects I have been involved with:

  • Gazebo: Film and Theatre Project: Young offenders aged 14-17 years old created a film of their choice.

  • Windswept Workshops: The History Trail: Community consultation to design a local project of their choice.

  • LouDeemy: Aspergers Heroes Project: A group for autistic individuals created a film including all the creative disciplines they were working on. 

  • Derby Theatre: SHED project: Teenagers from a housing group created a piece of theatre and a piece of art around issues they cared about.

  • The PlayHouse: Audio Project: Primary aged children worked over the course of a few months to create stories around themes they cared about.

  • Multistory: Wednesbury Publication: 16-25 year olds interviewed and wrote articles around Wednesbury for a community publication.

  • Aston Hall: Meet me at Aston Hall: A community group designed and created an audio tour and a video for Aston Hall.

  • Severn Arts: The Forge: A group of 13-18 year olds are learning new creative disciplines of their choice.

Please get in contact if you would like to discuss the co-creation workshops by going to the contact section and emailing me.

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